Yasutomo CP12 Authentic Chinese Watercolors 12 Color Set

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These Authentic Chinese Watercolors by Yasutomo features 12 very smooth colors with superior light fastness. Designed specifically for Chinese painting, the paints become water resistant after drying and can even withstand wet mounting. Colors can be mixed with Chinese and Japanese inks making them versatile to work with. Colors include Burnst Sienna, Scarlet, Gamgoge Yellow, Chinese White, Vermilion, Cinnabar, Rouge, Carmine Red, Light Green, Blue, Phalo Blue and Indigo.

  • Made specifically for Chinese painting but can be mixed with traditional water
  • Colors are brilliant - light fast and water resistant when dry which can withstand wet mounting
  • These paints are smooth in consistency and are finely ground
  • The colors conform to ASTM D-4236
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