Wenol Metal Polish 100ml (Y328/Y331)

$ 9.94
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Wenol polish goes a long way! Wenol polishes and preserves all blank metal surfaces such as brass, silver, copper, chrome, aluminum, pewter stainless and enamel. Wenol Metal Polish is capable of handling many jobs that other polishes cannot. It is very gentle to metal surfaces and gives a sparkling shine. This cutting polish can be used on most any metal to remove tough stains, oxidation, acid rain spots, and surface rust. Special ingredients create a water resistant coating which protects against rust and tarnish for weeks.Use Instructions: Designed to be used sparingly, apply a small amount of Wenol evenly to the metal surface with a soft cloth. Polish vigorously (surface will turn black), then buff to a shine.

  • Reach deep into metals and other surfaces to remove stains and build a brilliant base shine
  • Allow to add a clean, bright shine to stainless steel, furniture, appliances, ceramic tile, leather, and much more
  • Especially good for heavily tarnished items
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