Waterman 52022W Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges, 8-Pack, Carded, Serenity Blue

$ 5.99
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This item includes 8 serenity blue ink cartridges. Smooth flowing ink adds to the sophisticated writing experience. Easy to replace refill offers mess-free cartridge changing. Waterman demands exacting manufacturing standards so you can expect consistent, flawless ink delivery.

  • Smooth flowing ink.
  • Easy to replace; mess-free.
  • Exacting manufacturing standards; consistent, flawless ink delivery

Waterman has created an exclusive line of ink cartridges and bottled inks that ensure optimum functionality in your Waterman Pen. Waterman ink comes in a variety of colors to allow you to express yourself in your own signature style. Waterman Ink is easy on the eyes making it perfect to freely create your own writing mark.

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