Salux Japanese Beauty Skin Cloth/Towel - Made in Japan

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Every day, the Japanese partake in an important ritual - bathing. It's a time to relax, reflect and cleanse oneself of stress. Made to cover your entire back, these Japanese wash cloths feature a special coarse texture that exfoliates your skin. Salux wash cloths are a simple way to get that spa feeling right at home. Once you try a Japanese wash cloth, your bathing experience will never be the same.

  • Winner of the Invention Prize in Japan, unique patented design, in pleasing pastel colors.
  • Light nylon fabric air dries quickly and completely - machine washable, more sanitary than loofah.
  • Softer than loofah, but still textured for exfoliating entire body. Creates a rich lather while stimulating skin and blood circulation, Great for cellulite massage.
  • Much longer than a normal washcloth - at 35 inches (90cm) - to reach neck and back with ease.
  • Buy one for each family member! SALUX towels are available in Yellow, Blue, Pink, White, Peach, Aquamarine and Turquoise. Softer, all-natural versions also available in 100% Cotton and 100% Silk.
  • Size: 11" x 35" (28 cm x 90 cm)
  • Indications: Use daily in bath or shower
  • Ingredients: 60% Nylon, 40% Polyester - comes in Yellow, Blue, Pink, White, Peach, Aquamarine and Turquoise
  • Directions: Wet, apply soap or body wash, emulsify to thick foam and wash. Rinse under running water, wring and hang dry. Machine wash and dry with regular use.
  • Origin: Japan
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