Pilot Parallel Pen 2-Color Calligraphy Pen Set, with Red and Blue Ink Cartridges

$ 6.00
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The art of calligraphy is now available to all! The Parallel Pen is the first fountain pen that allows you to easily switch between thick and thin strokes, and to blend inks for a unique look. Each pen comes with an IC-P3 ink cartridge. Refillable - refill model #77305-77313 and additional colors sold separately.

  • Pen set contains 2.4mm Parallel Pen (orange cap and barrel), 2 ink cartridges (red and blue)
  • Each pen comes with two cartridges, a converter, nib cleaner and instruction booklet
  • Two different ink colors can flow fro the same nib for a beautiful graduated effect
  • Unique "Parallel Plate" Nib Technology allows you to produce clearer sharper writing than with any other pen
  • Refillable
Item # Nib Size Cap and Barrel Color Refill
90050 1.5mm Red 77305-77313, 77318
90051 2.4mm Orange 77305-77313, 77318
90052 3.8mm Green 77305-77313, 77318
90053 6.0mm Blue 77305-77313, 77318
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