Pilot Precise V7 Retractable Rolling Ball Pens with Liquid Ink, 0.7mm, Fine Point, Dozen Box

$ 16.95
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Precise V5/V7 Retractable Premium Rolling Ball

There is a fine line between good and great and that line is drawn with Pilot Precise. Precise rolling ball retractable pens are designed to deliver the same kind of premium, precision writing experience as the capped version. Precise combines Pilot's exceptionally smooth writing ink, premium metal accents, and comfortable grip for a go anywhere sophisticated writing experience. Precise is ideal for those who prefer retractable pens and demand superior writing performance.

  • Precision tip delivers a precise, clean line every time
  • Retractable convenience with sophisticated metal clip
  • Patented Precision Point Technology for smooth, skip-free writing
  • Rubber grip with traction pockets
  • Airplane safe system
  • Refillable 
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