Pentel MG8-A Refill Ink For Rolling Writer Roller Ball Pens, Medium Point, Black, Box of 12 Packs

$ 19.95
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Most writing instrument enthusiasts will have at least one Rolling Writer in their collection. Popular for several decades, the Rolling Writer continues to be a preferred pen. For those lucky enough to own a refillable R3-series or R4-series Rolling Writer, the MG8 refill is still available. Its unique Cushion Ball tip allows for smooth writing with no skipping or blotting. The black water-based ink produces a medium line.


  • Cushion Ball Tip
  • Medium line
  • Black Ink
  • Refills for Slim Rolling Writer (R3 & R4)
  • "Cushion Ball Tip" Facts:  
  • Water-based ink
  • Fibre feed & hard alloy tip set in a flexible delrin socket
  • Allows for smooth writing with no skipping or blotting
  • Extraordinary flexibility
  • Can produce lines of various widths
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