Pentel GFLBP101 Arts Color Brush Pen, Black

$ 5.95
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The color brush retains characteristics of Japanese brushes, the versatility of good quality inks, the convenience of the pocket pen and offers the user an ever ready sketch and design tool. The Pentel Color Brush is an ink-filled nylon brush tip pen that produces thick and thin lines. The brightly colored liquid ink flows easily, dries quickly, and produces transparent watercolor effects. The ink-filled brush is a convenient, portable alternative to traditional brushes and ink. It is ideal for sketching and painting on location. Refill cartridges are also available. They are economical and earth-friendly.

  • Ink filled nylon brush tip is ideal for painting and sketching on location
  • A portable alternative to traditional brushes and ink
  • Refillable with Pentel FR-101 refill
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