Pentel C505 Super Hi-Polymer Lead Refills, 0.5mm Fine Line, 12 pcs per Tube, Box of 12 Tubes

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Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead
Pentel first developed Hi-Polymer lead in 1960. Super Hi-Polymer lead is the perfect balance of dark, strong, smooth and uniform, which is why it remains the #1 selling lead in the world.
  • Fits all 0.5mm mechanical pencils

Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead is extremely durable lead that is ideal for high-pressure applications. Independent testing has shown that our lead can withstand up to 123.9 grams of pressure before it will break.

The way lead is produced has a lot to do with how well it will perform. Lead with too many gaps is prone to break. Lead with too many tight spots will create excess friction and reduce smoothness. Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead has an extremely low variance for increased durability and more consistent lines.

The average human hair is 1,000,000 angstroms in diameter, while the typical lead microspore is only 10 angstroms in diameter. However, Pentel Super Hi- Polymer Lead is just 1 angstrom in diameter. The smaller the microspore, the easier the lead adheres to the surface of the paper for smoother writing.

Lasts Longer
Each piece of lead is equivalent to a typical woodcase pencil. Pentel Super Hi- Polymer Lead can write 617 feet per inch of lead.

Lead Diameter and Line Width
Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead is available in diameters from 0.3mm up to 0.9mm.

0.3mm lead produces extra-fine lines ideal for small details.
0.5mm lead produces fine lines great for accounting and general writing.
0.7mm lead is the most commonly used size that is perfect for students and everyday use.
0.9mm lead produces a bold line and works well for those that write with a lot of pressure or have limited fine-motor skills.
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