Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush

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A combination brush and water container that comes in four nylon brush tip sizes and a handle, which is also the water reservoir, that comes in two sizes. The small, medium, large and flat brushes all hold 7ml of water, and the mini holds 5 1/2ml of water. It can be used for watercoloring, rubber stamping, silk painting, bleaching, and face painting. It is also very handy for sealing envelopes or stamps.

Tip Width Handle Reservoir
Waterbrush, Small 9 mm Regular 7 ml
Waterbrush, Mini 12 mm Short 5 1/2 ml
Waterbrush, Medium 12 mm Regular 7 ml
Waterbrush, Large 15 mm Regular 7 ml
Waterbrush, Flat 12 mm Regular 7 ml

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