Liquitex Professional Free Style Large Scale Brush, Broad Flat/Varnish, Short Handle

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Liquitex Freestyle Brushes are the perfect tools for virtually any artistic application. Designed by artists for artists, these brushes have unique ergonomic handles and strong synthetic bristles that make them both comfortable and durable. If you work really large, our innovative ranges of large painting knives and brushes, in unique shapes and sizes, are designed to facilitate your creative expression on a grand scale. Liquitex Freestyle Broad Flat Long-Handle Brushes meet the expanding needs of acrylic artists working in grandiose scales. Large, comfortable non-slip matte finished handles crafted from the highest quality wood have been paired with top-of-the-line synthetic bristle heads; resulting in artist quality brushes that offer excellent durability in large scaled applications that require rugged tools. Ideal for large-scale work, varnishing. Available in varying sizes.

  • Ideal for dragging, figuring and varnishing large surfaces and walls
  • Perfect for professional artists, creative hobbyists, art students, art teachers
  • Applications: Large surface covering, Varnishing, Broad gestural strokes
  • Use with Liquitex Professional Acrylic Paint Colors and Mediums
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