Benriner BN7 Cook Helper Slicer

$ 34.95
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Benriner Cook Help Turning Slicer. The Benriner "Cook Help" serves as an amazing kitchen tool for both the professional and the household cook. The tool only requires a simple cranking motion and it churns out vegetables in a very fine, continuous, and string-like form with very little waste. Ideal for creating elegant garnishes. Safe and easy to clean. Includes three Stainless Steel blades- a flat-edged blade; a medium-toothed blade; a coarse-toothed blade.

Features: finely cut vegetable into strings, curly strands, stainless steel blades, safe and high quality construction. Made in Japan

  • Amazing kitchen tool for the professional or home cook
  • Only requires simple cranking motion
  • Churns vegetables into a very fine, continuous, string like form
  • Very little food is wasted
  • Ideal for creating garnishes
  • Includes fine, medium and course blades
  • Durable and long lasting; made of molded ABS plastic
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