Benriner BN5 Turner Slicer

$ 64.95
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The Benriner Company, with long years of trust and engineering experience behind it, confidently presents this easy to use vegetable slicer. It has been praised by many who have used it, from dining halls to private homes. The Benriner turning slicer is used for making fine cut carrots, potato strings for salad, strings of green pepper or beets. Makes curly strands of cucumbers. Made of safety, high quality nylon reinforced glass. It includes with four Stainless Steel blades: a flat-edged blade, a fine-toothed blade, a medium-toothed blade and a coarse-toothed blade. You can make Fifty servings in 5 minutes, and the use of this slicer will leave you with lots of time to spare. It improves the luster and taste of vegetables. By using this slicer to make vegetable strands, five radishes can be used as if they were six. There is very little or no waste to the vegetable. Excellent durability, since the machine is made of plastic it will stay like new for years with proper care. Easy to use, anyone can use the slicer successfully and prepare beautiful garnishings.

Features: finely cut vegetable into strings, curly strands, stainless steel blades, safe and high quality construction. Made in Japan

  • Amazing kitchen tool for the professional or home cook
  • Only requires simple cranking motion
  • Churns vegetables into a very fine, continuous, string like form
  • Very little food is wasted
  • Ideal for creating garnishes
  • Includes fine, medium and course blades
  • Durable and long lasting; made of molded ABS plastic
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