Aitoh YW-112 Yuzen Washi Chiyogami Paper, 4 Inch Square, 40 Sheets

$ 6.28
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Experience the feel, textures and colors of authentic Chiyogami Yuzen Origami Paper. Each color of the intricate and ornate patterns on Chiyogami Origami Paper are hand silk screened onto a Kozo Paper base. The colors are bold with gold accents on the patterns. Yuzen Origami Paper is incredibly strong and durable for your most detailed projects. Each package of Chiyogami Yuzen Origami Paper contains 20 sheets of this exquisite paper mixed with 20 sheets of solid color origami paper.

  • Create exquisite paper decorations
  • Amazingly simple and incredibly beautiful
  • Package contains forty 4x4 inch origami sheets
  • Non-toxic paper. Imported.
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