Waterman Fountain Pen Mini Ink Cartridges

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Each pack contains six high-quality Waterman ink cartridges. These mini cartridges are also known as Lady cartridges. They fit Waterman Ice et La and Lady series pens. Ink cartridges measure 3.8 cm (~1.5") length.

The Waterman Pen Company is a major manufacturer of fountain pens. Established in 1883 in New York City by Lewis Edson Waterman, Waterman is one of the only first-generation fountain pen companies surviving today. After Lewis Edson Waterman had patented the modern feeder system for fountain pens in 1884, a Waterman rep established a Waterman subsidiary in France in 1926. With this action, not only did Waterman pens experience an international growth explosion, but Waterman craftsmen in France succeeded in patenting the first fountain pen ink cartridge. Blending prestigious materials, colors, and styles, Waterman pens continue to be one of the most sought after pens for their outstanding quality and affordability.

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