Derwent 2301774 Blender and Burnisher Set

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Blender - A soft colorless pencil made from the binder used for colored pencils to combine layers of pigments to produce subtle blends of color. Blending pencils are used to blend and smooth out the colored pencil layers, which makes the colors very bright and vivid. The blender will blend colors, smooth layers and soften hard edges of colored pencil artwork. Use the pencil blender to create a lightly blended, layered effect and to pull colors together.
Burnisher - Used over color creates an impressive shine. The burnisher pencil is a hard colorless pencil which, when used over layers of pigment offers a rich polished finish. Ideal for creating sparkling glass, polished surfaces and metals.

  • The blender pencil is soft and colorless and allows you to blend 2 or more colors together
  • The burnisher is a hard colorless pencil that provides a rich, glossy finish
  • Use in place of blending stumps and tortillons
  • A great opportunity to add drawing supplies to your collection
  • Includes 2 blender pencils, 2 burnisher pencils, plastic sharpener and plastic eraser

    Add Points of Interest to Your Work
    The Derwent Blender and Burnisher do a great job of blending and smoothing colors to produce images that previously may have been more difficult to achieve. If you’re working with colored pencils and want to create a subtle blend, the Derwent Blender Pencil is the accessory to reach for. The Blender’s core is firm enough to really push into the colors below, and the Burnisher adds extra smoothness when applied over the Blender layer. The artists’ advantage is that this combination does not build up on the surface the way other blender pencils often do.

    The Derwent Burnisher is a soft, colorless pencil made from the binder used for making colored pencils and allows you to blend two or more colors together to create a new color. At the same time it mixes and smoothes the colors, so individual strokes and hard edges are softened. The Burnisher is a hard colorless pencil, which when used over layers of pigment provides a well-blended, polished finish by pushing the pigment into the paper. It can also be used for a wax resist technique—draw your required design, this will add a layer of wax to the surface, then add your color. The wax layer will resist the colored pencil thus leaving that part of your drawing white. The fact that they come in a pack is great because artists tend to run out quickly!

    • Blender softens strokes and hard edges while mixing colors
    • Burnishing is ideal for creating sparkling glass, polished surfaces, and metals
    • Pack includes 2 blander pencils, 2 burnisher pencils, plastic sharpener, and plastic eraser
    Use a Burnisher Pencil to Create Interesting Effects

    Use the wax resist technique to create areas of white and interesting effects. With the Derwent Burnisher draw a shape or cover an area you want to remain white and then paint over the top with Derwent watersoluble media. The paint will not adhere to the areas where you have put the colorless Burnisher. This drawing of a wall was created using this technique. Draw the shape of the bricks using the burnisher and then a wash was applied over the top using Aquatone.

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