Pentel PDE1 Eraser Refills for AL, AX and PD Mechanical Pencils, 5 per Tube, Box of 12 Tubes

$ 11.95
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Eraser refills for Pentel mechanical pencils. Won't scratch or tear paper, erases cleanly with no dust. Non-abrasive. Erases on paper with very light pressure. Will not crack or harden with age.

Refill fits the following Pentel Mechanical Pencils:

  • Quicker Clicker
  • Jolt
  • EZ#2
  • Cometz
  • Clarius
  • Forte series
  • Techniclick series
  • .e-clic sseries
  • Cool Lines
  • Planetz
  • Carnival
  • Champ
  • Icy
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